The Catering DXB

The Catering DXB

Varied Luxurious Menu

  • Tuna Salmon Poke

    Marinated tuna salmon on sushi rice, 7 vegetables, Coconut Flakes with Wasabi, Sprinkled with Furikake & Togarashi, served with Ponzu Poke Sauce

    Tuna Salmon Poke
  • The Garden Poke

    10 vegetarian toppings with marinated tofu sprinkled with Mix of Roasted Cashew, Almond & Walnut, Furikake & Togarashi, on red and white quinoa

    The Garden Poke
  • Customizable Buffet

    Appetizers, bites, sliders, rolls, desserts, drinks & more

    Customizable Buffet
  • Seafood Hotpot

    Seafood, noodles, shrimp gyoza & more for 3-4 persons

    Seafood Hotpot
  • Beef Hotpot

    Beef, noodles, veggies & more for 3-4 persons

    Beef Hotpot